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What Is An Access Control System?

An access control system (ACS) is a type of security that manages and controls who or what is allowed entrance to a system, environment or facility.

It identifies entities that have access to a controlled device or facility based on the validity of their credentials. (Sep-5-2018:

  • Crime prevention
  • Alerting
  • monitoring
  • Safety
  • Peace of Mind
  • Monitor Assets
  • Institutions
  • Criminal use
  • Home security

Stay Secured from Intruders

A Home alarm system will keep you safe and deter any intruder threats

A home alarm system will give you the peace of mind that your property and assets are secured. Any unauthorized access will trigger alerts and notify relevant parties of events taking place.

Automatic (Motion) Detection
Centralized Reporting
Remote monitoring
Monitoring Support

Protect Your Home From Anywhere

Monitor and record video remotely with awesome IP network

Surveillance system provides you with video capabilities to monitor your home or business. use facial recognition technologies to capture intruders

Average max distance between Camera and DVR/NVR.
What Is POE (Power Over Ethernet)
How many hours can be recorded on a DVR or NVR?
Mobile Monitoring
What is a DVR / NVR?
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How secure is remote view?
What kind of broadband do I need for remote view?
Is there night vision.
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