High Definition Microphone


High Definition Microphone with Noise Reduction for Application Areas of 100 Square Meters

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The microphones of the  TT-MIC series are highly reliable with sound cancellation. With entry-level automatic adjustment.

It can be incorporated in the wall, ceiling or in CCTV equipment.

It can be applied in various places for hidden audio control, audio monitoring in places like banks, schools, prisons, hospitals, markets, factories, etc.

• The application field of 100 m^2.

• Highly reliable and noise cancellation.

• Terminal type: block

• Requires 12 Vdc / 1 A power supply.

• Dimensions: 8 cm (diameter).

• Weight: 42 g

• Shielded audio cable required or equivalent requires shielded as it is best suited for audio applications. Suggested models 9261, TI21

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